Thursday, 20 January 2011

Faith in Business features seminars

The Renegotiating 'value' seminar series is being featured in the Faith in Business quarterly. The current issue includes a summary of the Profit v Prophet seminar, while the next issue may summarise the Bonus v Pro Bono seminar. A previous issue of Faith in Business included a copy of the shared faiths response to the credit crunch facilitated by Faiths in London's Economy.

The Faith in Business Journal aims to:
  • help readers discover a fuller sense of God's purpose and hope in their working lives, integrating their faith, their work and their worship
  • highlight the necessity and value of wealth creation within God's creative and redemptive purposes, while bringing the processes of wealth creation under careful scrutiny
  • encourage individuals to apply Christian values in their work, and help them to resolve the moral dilemmas they often face
  • persuade the leaders of industry, commerce, finance and public services to operate within the framework of Christian principles and values.
  • assist church leaders in understanding key issues in the changing economic environment, so that where challenge is called for it is based on an informed and up-to-date appraisal
  • urge the churches to support people in their daily work and to declare the value of all honest work in generating wealth for the common good.

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