Monday, 2 April 2012

The Commons Matrix

The following comes from Peter Challen:
The Commons Matrix
Attend to
a common theory of value,
integrally rooted
in both spirit and matter,
found in
philosophy, anthropology,
linguistics, communication, organisational behaviour;
in technology, history, culture,
environmentalism, economics,
law and political theory:
to explore and expose
many of the leading myopic
extant presuppositions
in our present systems,
heading for decline.

Recovering our mutuality,
note ahead the...
Away with straight-edged rulers
to save a fractal universe.
In nature's persistent emergence
treat money and land as social commons,
like air and oceans,
the bio-sphere and deep deposits
of past storing centuries,
to serve all generations ahead.
Join our proto-type of
systemic recovery and renewal
at the Quilligan Seminars
in twelve days of May,
The Quilligan Seminars are an intensive social innovation project of 12 interrelated seminars in 12 days involving leading NGOs and thinks tanks. This series will foster an educational and research collaboration for facilitating transition to a more equitable world. It will demonstrate how differing starting points can lead to a commons ground. You can participate in one or more of the seminars.
James Quilligan is a globally renowned commons theorist/activist, policy analyst, and founder of the Global Commons Trust. He writes: "Modern economics has turned labour into a utility of the market and government. But the principles of the commons (people's negotiation of their own norms and rules for the management of social and natural resources) show us how to transcend utilitarian economics by transforming the traditional division of labour. New forms of value are already being created by these commons, whether they are traditional (irrigation ditches, pastures, indigenous cultures) or emerging (intellectual property, social networks, collaborative innovation)." To learn more about Mr. Quilligan’s work, click here.

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