Monday, 4 October 2010

Alternative speaker

One of our speakers, Jay Lakhani, is recovering from recent surgery and is unable to join us while he is recuperating. We are grateful that, at short notice, Harmander Singh has agreed to join us as replacement for Jay.
Harmander Singh, who is a trustee/director of the National Faith Based Regeneration Network UK and a member of the Faith Community's Chaplaincy Trust at Feltham Young Offenders Institute - set up to rehabilitate offenders into to the community through their faith. Harmander is also the Sikh representative on the BBC Standing Conference on Religion and Belief and a regular guest speaker on National Radio networks on a range of cultural and current affair subjects such as immigration, security, customs and practices, with occasional contributions to the 'Cordoba Trust' publications on faith related issues. He recently worked with the London Civic Forum (LCF) faith development steering group which aims to connect faith communities with civic governance players. He became a Justice of Peace at Redbridge Magistrate's Court in 1993 and is currently the second longest serving Asian but longest serving Sikh magistrate on the Bench. In 2006 he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the University of East London for outstanding achievements in community development. He was also Sikh coordinator of the Communities and Local Government (CLG) funded Cohesive Communities project, where he was responsible for exploring reasons and seeking solutions to tensions between Muslim and Sikh communities in the UK.

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