Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Faith goes walkabout

Sue Martin is among those working with Faiths in London's Economy to deliver the Renegotiating 'value' seminar series. Sue is, among other roles, Consultant in children's services, children's literacy specialist and Curate at Gayton Benefice, Norwich Diocese. She has set up a website called Faith goes walkabout which seeks to bring faith, work and life together. On the site she writes:

"Life and work: these two are inextricably linked. Life includes work and work includes life.

They go in hand in hand. It seems when they are out of balance we can lose sight of what is important. Time is crucial and for many of us is a resource that we use to the full;never enough time, never enough time for the little things in life that make it a real joy.

“Some have work and money but too little time, while others have all the time but no work and no money. …. We seem to have made work into a god and then made it difficult to worship.”
Charles Handy – 'The Empty Raincoat'

If we can create a harmony between work and life without the need for more, and an achievement we can find ourselves in a good place."

As part of her ministry, fundamental to her sense of calling, is work in communities, with children and families, with areas in need and where the space for creativity and imagination has been lost by pressures of living and hard times.

As an expression of this she has an ethical partnership (SmithMartin Partnership LLP) with social aims which delivers projects supporting the development of social enterprise, governance and funding advice in the charity and education sectors. The partnership also offers project and change management for new capital and revenue projects which have social outcomes.

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